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little trolley and big trolley

Sean got an early Christmas present: a little HO scale motorized trolley for the store window. It goes around and around in the window, and it even lights up so you can see the people inside. It’s just like the old Philadelphia trolleys used to be, a green and cream PCC Streamline. They still run those on Girard Avenue, but the 34 on Baltimore is now a Kawasaki in white, red and blue. Ours definitely catches the eyes of the passers-by…

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  1. Sean geeking out here. Here’s a very short video of the newly refurbished PCC’s they are running on the 15 Girard turning on 38th near Penn’s Wharton School.

    The video

    And here’s a pic of a PCC trolley on our 34 line running westbound along somewhere near 48th and Baltimore (headed to our store no doubt) circa 1981 just when they started to phase in the new Kawasaki’s.

    And here’s wikipedia on the process of designing this most famous trolley.

    All praises to the Electric Railway Presidents’ Conference Committee for this iconic piece of industrial design.

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