another fun party

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Gocco event! My Mom came to help out and take pictures (wearing her VIX shirt, of course)!

my mom, Amy

Visiting artists Amy Walsh and Kate Duncan each did a Gocco demonstration. They brought gift tag designs especially for the occasion. We got to see the whole printing process start to finish. First they burned the image into the screen with the special flash bulbs, then inked it and printed out dozens of copies. We hung them around the room to dry, adding a festive touch to the space.

Kate shows off her lightning fast gocco stylings (and fabulous feather earrings from VIX)

Amy did a dreamy cityscape design, and Kate offered some gift baskets collaged with scientific illustrations. We had pre-printed old-fashioned “to/from” images on the back. They turned out great!

Oubliette members Melissa and Jim

Melissa and Jim favored us with enchanting medieval/celtic music on harp and flute. Although Melissa admitted she wasn’t feeling her best, they sounded wonderful and we were happy to have them.

Later, we and many of our guests walked a few blocks down the Avenue to attend yet another party, the grand opening of Studio 34, the new yoga/wellness center. It seemed like the whole neighborhood was there! It’s a tremendous second-floor space that seems to go on forever. They host frequent art openings as well as yoga, Pilates, reiki, therapeutic massage and more. We missed the raffle (dang!) but caught the Citywide Specials, our favorite good-time bluegrass band. What a fun evening!


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  1. That’s my friend Anna Conroy in that svelt VIX shirt! Is it Anna who’s svelt or is it the shirt?!?! Continued well wishing to what looks like a lovely, fun -AND HAPPY situation. Joe C.

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