victorian charm

One of the great things about this neighborhood is the amazing architecture. It’s so nice to take leisurely walks in the evening and check out all the grand, gracious houses, ornamented in high Victorian style. That’s what inspired our new “West Philly” design.

If you live around here, chances are good that you have one of these on your house, or maybe on your fireplace. Wreaths, bows, flowers, shells, fleurs-de-lis and other fancy doo-dads abound, from a time when more was more when it came to decoration.

These are genuine West Philly exterior details, from 47th street and 49th street. Maybe you’ll spot one on your next excursion around the neighborhood, perhaps on your way to VIX to check out our new t shirts. We did these in a variety of colors, on sustainable organic cotton.

We’re working on more designs incorporating local artifacts, so stay tuned…

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  1. […] orange blossom cake and VIX Emporium these days.  So while I’m no longer qualified to wear VIX’s new tee, I very much like it:  […]

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