big changes on our block

Recently, nearby residents celebrated the new pedestrian lighting project on Baltimore Avenue.

pedestrian lights on Baltimore Avenue

50th and Baltimore

The 71 new old-fashioned streetlamps were installed between 45th and 50th streets along the commercial corridor in an effort to make it more inviting. They stopped just short of VIX though, since we’re a few steps beyond 50th. We felt a little left out about that.

beginning construction for new lighting!

Not for long, though! Construction just began for more pretty lights on our block and the 5100 block of Baltimore. Yay! That will be great for us. It will also be great for our new neighbors. Rumor has it that we will soon have a vintage clothing shop next door, and a certain local businessperson has just bought the storefront three doors down. We are very excited about this!

More construction and destruction is happening across the street, at the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union. It used to look like this:PFCU before (with horsemen)Now it looks like this:PFCU after demo

It’s weird to see all that empty space on the corner! The new building will go up soon though and it promises to be a big improvement with the ability to serve more customers, whom we also look forward to meeting.

It’s really great to see so much renovation on this block, though it will be nice when all the noise and dust of construction is over. Hopefully by the holiday season there will be lots more to love about our neighborhood…

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  1. i can’t tell you how these pictutes and your store make me feel. its hard for me to imagine that all of this is taking place at 50th&baltimore…when i first moved to west philly, almost 7yrs ago, NOBODY ever went that far.hardly ever.unless you where going to a punk show across the street. i lived in a 3bedroom apartment with 10ft ceilings and hardwood floors and rats and a wooden fire escape for $550/mnth. Two years later, the rent went up to $990 and we moved northbound up baltimore ave…never straying from baltimore ave…we ended up at 47th&hazel…my first little baby was born there…. then of course, they upped the rent and we moved ever northbound…to S. 50th. UNHEARDOF. my second little baby was born and then due to unforeseen circumstances, a move. and now i’m in delaware, i miss west philly dearly, but my old roomate still is there and we still come up for the peoplehood parade and stuff like that.

    i love west philly 🙂 West Philly is the Best Philly, as we used to say. it makes me so happy to see how much life and art and creativity is still there.

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